The New Pagan Handbook by Pat Regan 

 ​Revised edition  for 2017... 

All ancient celebrations relate to Nature and humankind's place within the cosmic whole. Authentic Paganism is based on immutable truths. Unlike later man-made religions, Pagan worship is not in any way doctrinal but is a way of being. It is a great gift that we are all born with. The Old Gods reside deep within us; they dwell also in the vast uncharted corners of the universe and beyond. Their terrible yet beautiful force creates, destroys then creates anew all things in existence. The wondrous Lord and Lady of Paganism are as real today as they have ever been for those exceptional and enlightened people who welcome them into their hearts, minds and souls. In The New Pagan Handbook, Pat Regan explores the origins of Paganism, its suppression and re-emergence and looks at ways modern Pagans can express their faith and draw closer to the Old Gods. Using classical Roman Paganism as a model, this book shows you how to develop rituals and magic to suit your needs.

With extensive appendices on symbolism and festivals, The New Pagan Handbook will help you to begin your own Pagan journey.

The New Pagan Handbook - Revised 2017 edition 

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The New Pagan Handbook (Kindle Edition)

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