The New Pagan Handbook - what others say


“If anyone wants to uncover the myths surrounding the present-day religions and see just how they have been deliberately shaped to smother the traditional religions of this part of the world, then Patrick's book is for you. Read it with an open mind and your eyes will be opened; it's not a spooky book or one for aging-hippies, it's a serious, well researched look at our cultural and religious roots. What is really good about this book is the way it blends ancient history with present day activities and shows how you can bring these ancient beliefs and practices into your life today with a great deal of relevance as we try to live in a more sustainable fashion and in greater harmony with all the living things that share our planet.”

 Angela Birchall

Lecturer in journalism, former newspaper editor and local history columnist


“What a refreshing read - a handbook on paganism by someone who knows what he is talking about!  I really liked this handbook because it is one of the few I have read which actually does what its title suggests and instead of imposing haughty dogma and pseudo-Christian moral values onto its reader this book goes back to original paganism and grounds the reader in the total egregore of paganism as it has developed through the ages, from the Ancient Egyptian civilisation, through Norse paganism right up to Neo-Paganism and modern Wicca.  Not in a dry way, you understand, but in a way which connects today's people with their roots. The author has managed to stitch everything together seamlessly and make it relevant to those who want to understand paganism today and how it has affected our society. You will be surprised at how much of our modern life is rooted in pagan practices and secrets.  In particular he has been honest and forthright in his condemnation and criticism of orthodox religion for its cynical attempts to suppress Paganism throughout history. Something that most pagan authors avoid addressing.  He makes sure that these 'crimes' are not simply glossed over but addressed squarely so newcomers to our beliefs know the true position.  The section on festivals includes descriptions and backgrounds of yearly ceremonies often missing from the modern Neo-Pagan 'cannon' and the books which promote it, so I find this amazingly informative little book is a trustworthy stepping stone into genuine paganism of all kinds.  It's descriptions of the images of the pagan gods and their powers and uses is worth the price of this book alone because you will need these to form the basis of your worship and they are bemusingly omitted from many so-called books on paganism..  If I had had this primer on paganism all those years ago when I first started out this would have saved me lots of heartache and wasted time.”

Chris Bray – Sacred Trees Trust